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Malta Divorce Movement


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The Malta Divorce Movement was launched on the 3rd March 1997 at the Castille Hotel, Valletta on the basis of bringing to Malta a well defined law outlining the basic requisites to obtain divorce within a responsible legal framework.

Since the launching of the Malta Divorce Movement there has been council meetings every fortnight. There has been also a number of Fora organized in different places. The first forum was held at the Sa Maison Hotel, Pieta', on 30th May 1997, then another forum was held at Giardino Restaurant on the 12th September 1997, another forum was held at Fra Ben at Qawra on 31st October 1997. In 1988 we had another forum at St. George's suite, Holiday Inn Crown Plaza and other fora, all were very well attended.

Several articles in support of divorce were written by members of the MDM Council and Dr. Emmy D. Bezzina LL.D. (the Chairman) and members of the Council were invited on different television and radio stations and were interviewed by foreign correspondents especially from the English BBC station and also for comments about divorce in several newspapers and also published articles on different newspapers.

The MDM took part in the Caring Awareness Fair since May 1997 from where we began collecting signatures for the MDM's petition for the introduction of divorce in Malta. Dr. Emmy D. Bezzina with the help of a group of persons made a research on the situation of separated persons and in the conclusion report Dr. Emmy Bezzina stated on 'It-Torca' of 29th June 1997 that there are 30,000 separated couples in Malta and Gozo and with those registered in the Malta Courts (which are the tip of the iceberg) come to a total of 100,000 separated individuals from a population of 400,000). After this article the divorce campaign became fiercer as the Malta Catholic Church came in full attack against us and against progressive associations like the Association for Men's Rights, the Forum '21 and others.

In the meantime the most important event of the Malta Divorce Movement was a meeting on 22nd October 1997 with the Labour Government appointed Commission for the Future of the Family which was commissioned by Prime Minister Dr. Alfred Sant to see how the introduction of divorce in Malta can be obtained. Since then we continued our work and every year the MDM officials with a delegation from the Association for Men's Rights visit the European Union for talks and campaigning for a divorce law in Malta. On 12th September 2002 both delegations of MDM and AMR distributed a petition in support for divorce in the European Parliament and we obtained very good support. The Malta Divorce Movement official, John Zammit was taken before the Privileges Committee of the Malta Parliament for breach of privilege against Deputy Speaker. The MDM won the case and John Zammit was sent free.

We appeal to those who are in favour of divorce to come forward and become members in the Malta Divorce Movement and sign the petition.

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