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The Lawyer

Doctor of Laws EMMANUEL DOM BEZZINA, 56 years, has been in private practice as a lawyer and law consultant since November 1977. He heads his own Law Firm, practices in various branches of Law, but specialized in Family, Constitutional & Media Law.

His Doctorial Thesis was on BROADCASTING LEGISLATION: A Comparative Study. He has also written a Dissertation on Religious Studies and has a Diploma in SACRED THEOLOGY and a Diploma in Canon Law particularly relating to the field of MARRIAGE PROCEDURES AND ANNULMENTS which he obtained from the VATICAN on December 16, 1994, nine years ago, following an intensive year's specialized course.

EMMY BEZZINA, as he is popularly known, has written numerous specialized articles particularly related to Family Law. He is the CHAIRMAN of the MALTA DIVORCE MOVEMENT and the Founder and Chairman of the FAMILY RIGHTS' ASSOCIATION, two Organizations that compliment one another.

Dr Emmy D. BEZZINA LL.D., had taken an active role in True Families as the Foundation for World Peace in the New Millennium, Third International Seminar, OCTOBER 10-14, 1999 in WASHINGTON, DC, where the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace was founded. He was also founder-member of the Organization's WORLD MEDIA ASSOCIATION.



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