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A short profile about...
Dr. Emmy Bezzina

The Liberal Democrat par excellence, Emmy has been in private practice as a successful litigious lawyer for the past thirty [ 30 ] years.Within the local parameteres of legal practice, Emmy has specialized in Family , Constitutional , Human Rights and Media Law, apart from working in Civil and Criminal Cases.

He is a student of Classical Democracy and is highly antagonistic of current political systems asserting their democratic roots when in Reality it is utterly the opposite.
A lawyer twenty four hours in twenty four hours, he has equally been very active in both visual and audio broadcasting, writing his Doctoral Thesis in 1977 on Broadcasting Legislation: A Comparative Study at a very intense and tense period in local broadcasting.This passion for Broadcasting threw Dr Emmy in the thick woods between the Reds and the Blues in the eighties, a situation that eventually led to his distancing himself substantially from both camps as they do not respect Classical Democracy, according to Emmy. This led to Emmy being isolated by both Camps as a result : symbol of local, political mediocrity!

Re Gender Issues, Dr Bezzina is hard on the reality of the psychological anatomy stressing that equality can only be analysed on a complementary arguement, never on a straight comparison for the simple reason that Man is not Woman and Woman is not Man.

On professional matters, no nonsense is permitted by Emmy as he is very strict and dedicated that thoroughness must not be any moment spared : this move has always left positive results which landed Emmy with non-stop legal commitments, leaving him with hardly anytime to spare for much else, though he travels on social matters as well in addition to professional work.

Emmy`s strong beliefs in realistic expositions of facts as they actually are, not as they are depicted to suit particular interests , has earned him both many friends and foes , and caused havoc in his private life leaving him practically A Sole Pilgrim in his Objectives.

00356 9949 3404.


Emmy hates waste of time, feels disgusted with public manifestations of idiocy under any name, is enamoured with all that is stunningly beautiful in Nature, believes in strong Cosmic Links and has a passion for photography, reading , walking and whenever possible for reflective solitude to strengthen or deflate his realistic conceptions on all around him!

Emmy Bezzina is He who Is, as the name of his Political Party equally indicates ALPHA ! ALPHA Liberal Democratic Reformist Party will be contesting the forthcoming General Elections.



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