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Meeting Emmy Bezzina .... Dealing with values

EMMY BEZZINA, as he is popularly known, has written numerous specialized articles particularly related to Family Law. He is the CHAIRMAN of the MALTA DIVORCE MOVEMENT and the Founder and Chairman of the FAMILY RIGHTS' ASSOCIATION, two Organizations that compliment one another.

Dr BEZZINA is equally planning to publish a book DIVINE THOUGHTS in 2004. In recent years, Dr BEZZINA has become very active with the Reverend Dr MOON's Organization, the Unification Movement. He was indeed also made an AMBASSADOR OF PEACE in 2001, the United Nations' Year dedication to Non-Government Organizations. Recently, he was one of the co-founders of the Interreligious and International PEACE COUNCIL in NEW YORK, between October 1 - 4, 2003, 11PC, marching with about 12,000 people next to the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Friday, October 3, 2003.

He also attended the celebrations of Rev. MOON's 80 Birthday in SEOUL - South Korea, between JULY 10-14, 2003, where he was very active during discussions featuring also in the magazine produced by the Movement.

Dr Emmy D. BEZZINA LL.D., had taken an active role in True Families as the Foundation for World Peace in the New Millennium, Third International Seminar, OCTOBER 10-14, 1999 in WASHINGTON, DC, where the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace was founded. He was also founder-member of the Organization's WORLD MEDIA ASSOCIATION.

Dr BEZZINA is a fearless fighter for the Truth & Justice, outspoken on social injustices and a Flag Bearer for the Fundamental Human and Family Rights & Freedoms. He is frequently invited to give talks on radio and tv and in Forums and Conferences, particularly on topics that related to social, serious issues like AIDS and World Peace. He is a fervid believer in Rev. Moon's vision of MAN being intimately connected to COSMIC ENERGY and that without such synchronization MAN's mission as a Divine Entity would not be correctly fulfilled

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