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Meeting Emmy Bezzina .... Further Experiences

Dr Emmanuel D. BEZZINA had traveled to ISTANBUL - Turkey between JULY 13-15, 2001, where he had an energetic role in an International Symposium: A NEW VISION FOR LEADERSHIP THROUGH PUBLIC SERVICES, organized by the IIFWP. It was here that Dr BEZZINA became an AMBASSADOR OF PEACE on behalf of the Organization, an honor he cherishes on the sacred principle of SERVICE TO OTHERS!

A fifth trip related to the Organization's Magnanimous Work was an International Collegiate Conference LASTING LOVE: The World Tomorrow founded on LOVE between August 31-September 4, 2000 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in BERLIN, where a resolution related to TRUE PARENTS was taken. Again on behalf of the IlFWI` SEMINARIO NAZIONALE - Costruire una cultura di pace: at ROME - ITALY between DECEMBER 2, 2000. An eight trip to GENEVA - SWITZERLAND was undertaken between December 15, to DECEMBER 17, a Regional Conference related to the IIPC.

Dr BEZZINA gave a valid contribution to the IIFWP during a one-day MALTA SEMINAR on August 30th, 2003, at the newly - built, de luxe Inter Continental Hotel in MALTA. This event was a milestone in the Unification's sterling work being done in Malta.

Film Role in 1975 with Joan Collins and Anthony Newley

Dr Emmanuel D. BEZZINA contested the General Elections in MALTA in the Interests of the MALTA LABOUR PARTY in MAY 1987 & in 1992.

Signing the Peace Council Resolution on behalf of Europe in Geneva on 17th December, 2003

Signing the Constitution for the International and Interreligious Peace Council in New York (October 2003)

Keynote speaker in Geneva for the inauguration of the Peace Council in Eu
rope along with four other world leaders (December 2003)

Consistent with its mission to establish world peace,the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace designates as Ambassador for Peace those individuals whose lives exemplify the ideal of living for the sake of others,and who dedicate themselves to practices which promote the founding ideals of the IIFWP: universal moral values,strong family life, interreligious cooperation,international harmony,renewal of the United Nations, a responsible Public Media,and the establishment of a culture of peace.

DR Emmy Bezzina with high officials of IIFWP & IIPC following the ceremony in Budapest Hungary.
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