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Meeting Emmy Bezzina

Born on October 29, 1947, Dr. BEZZINA is the eldest of six children of JOSEPH and JOAN nee' Caruana who are both still alive. He was given a profound religious education with the Franciscan Nuns and later eight years as a border with the Jesuits at ST. ALOYSIUS' COLLEGE - MALTA where at the end of his term, Dr. BEZZINA was awarded the BEST ALOYSIAN PRIZE, a prestigious award for the overall best student in a complete period of secondary scholastic studies.

He distinguished himself as a versatile communicator, leader, excellent public speaker and a student who spoke his mind in a truthful way. He proved an excellent actor in Drama Performances, obtaining the leading roles in such musicals as THE KING & I and THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Shakespearean roles as ARIEL in THE TEMPEST and other plays with amateur & professional Drama Companies.

He married on December 21, 1979, and has four children, two boys and two girls, aged 23, 21, 19 and 16 respectively.

He has presented and produced many socio-educational programs on both radio and television. Today, he is regarded as a high profile figure in MALTA and as one of the best lawyers in his specialized, professional field of law.

Socially he is very active, believes in strict discipline and does not allow anything he involves himself in to be half-baked. He was involved in Malta's political scene, being at one time CHAIRMAN of the Candidates' Section of one of Malta's two leading political parties, Malta Labour Party. He was also a member of the Executive of the MLP. Now, he is planning to be a Candidate for the European Parliament in June 2004 after MALTA becomes a full Member of the European Union in May 2004.

Academic Achievements

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A Short Profile about ... Dr. Emmy Bezzina


Emanuel following his Holy Confirmation at seven years of age.

9 year old Emanuel attired in a Franciscan garb before delivering another Christmas sermon.

Addressing a Board Meeting of BEZZINA LAW FIRM at his Valletta Law Office.

Emmy in Brief ....

Age: Born October 29th, 1947, aged 56 years.
Occupation: Advocate and Law Consultant & Head of BEZZINA LAW FIRM
Resides: At VALLETTA - Malta.
Status: Married with four children.

Likes: Broadcasting Socio-Educational Programmes; Still Photography; Reading on various subjects, especially history, biographies, and books with capturing themes; Walking; Meditating in peaceful and tranquil environment; Professionalism and Efficiency; Discipline.

Dislikes: Smoking environments, idiotic places; drug addicts and alcoholics; noisy places; those in power who forget how they came to obtain that power; people who have no sense of direction and are undecided or take ages to make up their mind; hypocrites and those who get easily hoodwinked!

Favourite Holiday Destination: Idyllic and far away destinations; well known cultural Cities and Capitals; non-tourist Resorts.

Emmy at his office in an informal session yesteryear.


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