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Dr. Bezzina meditating in Alaska

True Father, Reverend Sun Myung MOON , invited a selected group of Regional Representatives from the ranks of the Universal Peace Federation Ambassadors for Peace, to an International Leaders` Seminar at the idyllic, peaceful and isolated location of Kodiak in the 49th American State ALASKA.

Dr Emmanuel Bezzina , a Senior International Ambassador for Peace, was sent from the Republic of Malta to be one of the five representatives of the European Region I.

HUN DO CHE is a most reaching experience within the Movement where early in the morning, commencing at 5am to approximately 7am , participants meet to meditate, pray, read from the Founder `s voluminous works , and analyse world realities within a spiritual framework in the interests of World Peace. A TALK of about 1 hour is also given by a leading figure at the early morning Meeting.

In ALASKA this experience was unique as for a whole week it was the Founder himself at the venerable age of almost 90 years who conducted this reflective psychologically - purifying experience . In the photo, Dr Bezzina along with high profile Korean participants is seen reflectively meditating with Fr Moon looking in his direction. This was a treasured occurrence which will remain etched in the Maltese `s Ambassador prominent memories as he has just celebrated a very special birthday on Monday, October 29th, 2007.





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