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reporting from Seoul, South Korea Dr. Emmy D. Bezzina.


Dr Emmanuel Bezzina, Senior International Ambassador for Peace with the Universal Peace Federation, recognized as an NGO by the United Nations, has just returned to Malta from a World Summit dedicated to the theme of World Peace. This was held in Seoul, capital city of South Korea, a country of 52 million inhabitants.

Dr Bezzina who is also Chairman of NGO: Family Rights` Association - Malta was also invited to attend as a VIP guest for the inauguration of the beautifully-architectured, white-marbled Peace Palace Complex at Cheonpyang, an idyllic locality surrounded by mountains and lakes about two hours drive from Seoul.

Lawyer and Ambassador Bezzina, who is one of about 65,000 Peace Ambassadors Worldwide, represented Malta in a ceremonial procession where Peace Crowns from 120 nations were presented to the King & Queen of Peace, Reverend and Mother Moon. In all 240 specially-made Crowns , two from each nation [ including Malta ] , were presented in a well-organized and regimented spectacle to celebrate the dawning of a new era : The Cosmic Age.

Mother Moon and three of her thirteen children ( three have also died ) will visit Malta this Saturday, July 1st, 2006, for one day, as part of her 185-Nation Tour. His Excellency,President Emeritus, Professor Guido De Marco, who for six months was President of the UN Assembly in New York, will inaugurate the Malta visit with a short oration at a leading Hotel in Malta.

The photos depict Ambassador Emmy Bezzina in some of the many, memorable moments on Tuesday, June 13, 2006, when The Peace Palace Complex was inaugurated by True Parents themselves in the immediate presence of about 20,000 guests, 400 of whom from foreign nations, including Malta`s sole representative.

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