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President Song visits Malta

After criss-crossing Europe, President Song arrived in Malta from Greece, on Sunday 10th May, as part of the Global Peace Tour (GPT) schedule.

We held a meeting at our Headquarters in Valletta, to welcome him and listen to the GPT message, read by President Song, on behalf of Hyun Jin Nim.

Monday the 11th May, a full schedule had been planned, with Hoon Dok Hae/Ahn Shi il, then breakfast, heartfully prepared by the 2nd Generation.


Then mid morning, it was on to the Palace, to meet the President of Malta, Dr George Abela. Our party was lead and accompanied by, two Ambassadors for Peace, who are Members of Parliament and Senior Ambassador for Peace, Dr Emmy Bezzina, along the way, we also visited the Parliament, which at the time a debate, was in progress. As we walked, from the Parliament to the President's Palace, we met another Member of Parliament, who is also an Ambassador for Peace and could introduce him to President Song. In the President's chambers, we were warmly welcomed by the President of Malta, Dr George Abela, President Song, could introduce the Universal Peace Federation ideals and activities and immediately, Dr George Abela, introduced the idea of holding a Conference in Malta and called for his Aid de Camp to talk details.

President Song also spoke of the Peace Cup in Spain, which inspired Dr Abela, as he had previously held the President's position, in the Malta Football Association, he jokingly said, that he would participate and kick the first ball, to start the tournament. President Song then presented a gift, of a Korean Marble Vase, to the President of the Republic of Malta, which we felt spiritually connects the two nations together. He immediately had it positioned in a prominent place in his chambers, chastising his secretary, who wanted to place it in a less prominent space. After photographs together, our delegation moved on, as already, due to the friendliness of the meeting, we had gone well over our allotted time.With warm handshakes and smiles, we departed from his chambers.



From the Palace, we traveled to the Ta' Qali National Park, where our delegation planted an olive tree, to commemorate this historical meeting, with a special prayer for a blessing for Malta, offered by President Song. From there, it was to a Valletta restaurant, overlooking the beautiful blue, Mediterranean Sea, where three more Ambassadors for Peace, had been invited to meet with President Song. Over lunch, Dr Song challenged one Member of Parliament, to become the Father of the Nation and with that heart, to work, to change Maltese society.


After lunch, it was a meeting with the Second Generation, where he encouraged them to invest in their spiritual lives, so that they grow to become great people for God.

It was then, back to the Parliament, to meet with the Speaker of the House, who, it seemed, already knew about the proposal of a Conference being held in Malta and discussed it further. He also spoke of Malta's contribution to the United Nations, regarding Malta's proposal regarding the sea, being the common heritage of all mankind and further developments to that proposal.

The interaction between our UPF Secretary General, Dr Nnamdi Ahunanya and our Ambassadors for Peace, who are Members of Parliament, could allow all the events to be organised and carried out seamlessly, with a clockwork precision.

30, very meaningful hours later, President Song boarded a plane and headed for Iceland, via London, with his final advice being, to build up the Church and create a dynamic spirit, through cheon song, to change the nation.



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