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DR Emmy Bezzina visits Jerusalem
Peace Ambassador's International Activities

As Senior International Ambassador for Peace, Dr Emmy Bezzina visited Jerusalem on two occasions in recent years. One such attendance was in September 2004, when Ambassador Bezzina participated actively in a World Peace Pilgrimage under the banner HEART to HEART for PEACE .

Dr Bezzina had addressed an international gathering at one of Jerusalem`s leading Hotels where international dignitaries from Europe, Western Eurasia, and North America took part.

In the photographs, Dr Bezzina is seen with Jerusalem as a backdrop, the Golden Dome Mosque clearly visible in this historic though troubled City where the three major monotheistic religions have their roots, namely Judaism [ the Tora ], Christianity [ The Bible ], and Islam [ The Quaran or Koran ] : all faiths honouring the same God and equally committing monstrosities in His name.

As a Peace Ambassador and Peace Pilgrim, Dr Bezzina works with the Interreligious and International Peace Council ( as it was then known - now The Universal Peace Federation )which had organized this Event , to further create international and regional awareness that All Paths indeed lead to the same Divinity that has its Roots in each and every one of us!

Photos show the City of Jerusalem photographed from one of the Hills outside the City, with the burial places of the three faiths right outside the City Walls.



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