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Ambassador for Peace Dr. Bezzina returns from Alaska

Dr Emmanuel Bezzina, Ambassador for Peace since September 2001 with the Universal Peace Federation - UPF , has recently returned from an arduous but fruitful journey to Alaska, the USA`s 49th State since 1959.

Alaska has a population of approximately 625,000 inhabitants and from Anchorage, Dr Bezzina was deployed to Kodiak Island which has a population of about 15000 inhabitants incorporating the US Coast Guards which number around 2500 personnel. Kodiak is an idyllic island which has a number of other smaller islands and is famous for its approximately 3000 Brown Bears [whom one must watch from a distance but not attempt to meddle with them as some found out and who were not able to recount their story !] ; its Mountains and Forests with many fascinating creatures of Nature; Ocean Fishing for various kinds of fish, particularly the four types of Salmon and Halibut which can grown to significant size. Grey whales can be seen at frequent intervals transpassing the Arctic Ocean waters. River fishing is a principal passtime, so in truth the Fishing Industry thrives in Kodiak - Alaska. Dr Bezzina had the experience of fishing both in the Ocean Waters [where he contributed substantially to Fish Feeding !?!] and River Fishing while participating in an International Fishing Tournament won by a Japanese Fishing Champion.

Ambassador Bezzina was invited along with other special guests to take part vigorously in an International Leadership Conference which was held in Kodiak commencing August 28th, 2007, on the theme : Providing Vision and Leadership at a Time of Global Crisis. A select group of senior diplomats, government officials, spiritual leaders, academicians, and representatives of civil society all 120 individuals from all world regions,Malta represented by Dr. Emmy Bezzina.

The Conference took place at a secluded venue at a place called Angel Garden where the HSA [ Unificationists ] has its Seat . Though the weather in Kodiak is normally overcast and rainy, the Group were indeed regaled with a few very fine days indeed. On one such occasion, on Sunday, September 2nd, 2007, at around 1400 hrs. [ Alaska is ten hours behind Malta timewise ] , a Group photo was taken for all the delegates present with the Founders, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon present.

Blue shirts with the emblem Kodiak-Alaska were donned by all participants so that the Group be not only easily identified [ as when they walked up Pilar Mountain ], but to symbolise their unified commitment towards World Peace and demonstrate their conscientious efforts to address and resolve critical global problems, such as the Middle East Peace Initiatives.

The urgent need for international and interreligious reconciliation and cooperation is underscored on such important meetings where innovative vision and courageous leadership is emphasised : vide the Invite to Dr. Bezzina in this Section.

UPF is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.Its Headquarters is situated in New York.

In the photo, the Group Delegates are pictured. True Parents are seated in the Centre, Dr Thomas Walsh the Secretary General is on the right squatting, while Dr Emmy Bezzina is equally on the right very close to where the Moons are seated.

( Keep posted to this WebSite for further updates at regular intervals from time to time. )Sunday,September 16th, 2007,VLT 1535.



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