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A Lawyer and an Ambassador for Peace as Part of a Peace Movement


Republic of MALTA : MALTA currently has about fifty ( 50 ) Family Members of The Unification Movement which for the initiated in the insular Maltese Islands is negatively analysed and degeneratively referred to still as The Moonies. The Movement has been established in the manipulated, blindly - staunch Catholic Republic of MALTA, a European Union Member State since 1st May 2004 , for more than thirty-one years.

MALTA has been an independent, sovereign country, freed by popular consensus from a 189-year period of British Colonial Rule, since September 21st, 1964. It is a Constitutional Republic since December 13th, 1974, with a Parliamentary Democracy embracing a Rule of Law as dictated by the checks and balances of the Executive, the Legislative and Judicial Powers.

Malta currently has a population of 405,000 indiginent inhabitants ( the majority of whom are feminine ) , most of whom are indicated as Catholics, more than fifty per cent actually not practising Catholics! Constitutionally, Malta is a Catholic country - in practice , it is definitely not !

In the Summer months particularly - May to November - the overall population including Tourists and foreign residents soars up to about one and a half million people.
There are about 13000 foreign residents in Malta who were given Maltese Citizenship in recent years.

It is in this socio-legal background that the Unification Movement thrives in Malta.

Ambassadors for Peace

As Ambassadors for Peace [ AFPs ] , under the overall umbrella of the Universal Peace Federation , Malta equally has about fifty of such Ambassadors. One of these is Senior International Ambassador for Peace ,Dr Emmanuel Dominic Bezzina, LL.D., who is the only lawyer in this group. Dr Bezzina, is a Maltese Citizen, born on October 29th, 1947, the elder son of a Family of six siblings, son of businessman the late Joseph Bezzina and of Joan nee` Caruana.

Dr Emmy , as Dr Bezzina is popularly well known , was made Ambassador for Peace in Istanbul in September 2001, one of the very initial Ambassadors for Peace to be so nominated. This year, Emmy Bezzina will mark six ( 6 ) years since being so appointed, in this Group ever-growing in the interests of World Peace under True Parents` Guidance.

Dr Emmanuel D. Bezzina graduated Doctor of Laws from the University of Malta on November 19th, 1977, nearly thirty years ago. He has been in private practice as a litigation lawyer ever since, though he officially obtained the Warrant to so work on January 13th, 1978.

Dr Bezzina has a Diploma in Effective English & Personal Efficiency from the Regent Institute - UK which he obtained in 1968; a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, History and Maltese from the Royal University of Malta in 1969; Advanced Level Certificate in various subjects,including Economics,Philosophy , Italian and other subjects; a Certificate in Thinking Skills, including Creative,Parallel and Lateral Thinking; a Diploma in Sacred Theology under the auspices of The Vatican; a Diploma in Matrimonial Procedures & Jurisprudence in Canon Law - Malta`s Catholic Curia; a Notary Public Diploma.

Dr Bezzina is a Salzburg Alumnus after he attended a Course in Schloss Leopoldskron sponsored by the American Embassy in March 1976 [ United States Information Service - USIS ]. He is a Member of the Chamber of Advocates - Malta & its affiliates Organizations.

Dr Bezzina has written two thesises : Broadcasting Legislation - A Comparative Study ( August 1977 ); and Mass Media and The Christian Faith ( 1980 ). Emmy Bezzina is a well-known Media Personality in Malta both on Radio and Television, having produced and presented many programmes over the years. His hall mark is controversial programmes tackling and debating themes and issues that usually used to be regarded as taboo or swept under the proverbial carpet.

Lawyer Emmy Bezzina is now in his thirtieth year of professional practice and is considered to be a leading lawyer in the specialised legal fields of Family, Constitutional & Human Rights , Media and European Union Law, incorporating ancillary Criminal & Civil lawsuits in these fields.

Dr Bezzina handles other areas of law as well, such as Company & Corporate Law, Trusts, and Private & Public International Law.Keeping constantly abreast in various areas of law is a hardcore principal adhered strictly to by Dr Bezzina.

Emmy Bezzina heads his own Law Firm `` E. D. BEZZINA & Associates `` with Head Office at ``Ebez``, No. 107, West Street, Independence Square, VALLETTA. VLT 1535. Malta. Europe : Tel. / Fax. No. 00356 21 220730. E-Mail addresses are :; and

This Law Firm provides Advocacy, Law Consultancy, Notarial and Ancillary Services. It is listed in the official Yellow Pages.

Dr Bezzina produces and presents currently "COURT - tv", a weekly one-hour programme which specialises in the explaination of laws, their practical effectiveness and enforceability. It is shown on Malta`s Private Tv Station: SMASH Tv.

Emmy Bezzina travels outside Malta often and since 1999 has attended as an official representative numerous Conferences, Conventions and Seminars organized by the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace [ IIFWP ], the Interreligious and International Peace Council [ IIPC ], and now the Universal Peace Federation - UPF, in Europe, Asia and the States.Dr Bezzina received several awards, such as the Crown of Peace Award in Budapest - Hungary on October 21, 2004 .

Dr Emmanuel Bezzina is a forceful and persuasive Orator and Speaker. His committed and zestful style with an increasing redish facial hue as he crescendos has caught the eye of several at Conferences he is picked to address. Committal in Your Beliefs , is one Motto lawyer Bezzina never departs from.

Dr Bezzina is founder of Malta`s Family Rights` Association and Leader of ALPHA, a liberal democratic reformist Political Party.

Dr Bezzina is equally committed to Living for the Sake of Others under True Parents` Divine Guidance.

High-Profile Maltese personality Emmy Bezzina is invited regularly to participate in Public Forums related to hot social issues, precisely because Dr Bezzina can be controversial and is scrupulously a student of Liberty of Expression and Freedom of Opinion , is unrelenting on Fundamental Human Rights , and an author of several articles on Family Matters & Judicial Issues .

Dr Bezzina was one of 144 Ambassadors for Peace who co-authored the Universal Peace Federation publication PEACE KING - Essays on the life and work of Rev. Dr. SUN MYUNG MOON , page 318, dedicated to the True Parents, on the occasion of the celebration of Father Moon`s 88th Birthday, February 23rd, 2007. Lawyer, Broadcaster, Social & Opinion Leader and Peace Activist Dr. Bezzina also attended twice as a Peace Pilgrim in the Middle East. Emmy Bezzina attended many important Events in the UPF Calendar, such as the official inauguration of the Peace Kingdom Palace in South Korea and the Crowning of The King and Queen of Peace. He also visited Sun Moon University and participated in a Seminar held at that renowned University.



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