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Emmy Bezzina addresses World Assembly

Dr. Emmy D. Bezzina delivering his speech at the the Fourth World Assembly on the theme "Universal Principles, Best Practices and World Peace"

Universal Peace Federation Ambassador for Peace Dr Emmy Bezzina from the Republic of Malta is here seen addressing the Fourth World Assembly on the theme "Universal Principles, Best Practices and World Peace".

The international event took place at Geneva in Switzerland between the 14th and 15th July, 2006. It was organized by UPF - Europe.

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Among those attending and participating were True Parents Dr and Mother MOON, inspirers of the UPF ; the President and right-hand man of Rev.Moon, Rev. Dr. Kwan Kwak; and the European Regional Director Rev. Dr. Song.

Present were many dignitaries, including Presidents and prominent politicians from a number of countries, Immans, Sheiks, Archbishops and Bishops from diverse religious beliefs; and influential persons and leaders from different fields of activity in their respective sphere of influence.

In the photoes, Dr Bezzina who is an Ambassador for Peace, is flanked by Dr Eva Letham who is a specialist in International Human Rights and sits on the International Council of UPF ; the right hand Man of Rev.Moon, Rev.Kwan Kwak who occupies a multitude of top responsibilities in the long list of commitments that intersperse the international involvements of the Universal Peace Federation ; and Rev. Dr. Song who is the Regional Director in Europe, one of the Regions which intersect the UPF throughout our global village, our cosmic World in which we are all "cosmic siblings", as Dr Emmy loves to phrase it!



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