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What did prominent people in Europe Say about Reverend Moon

Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Heath
Prime Minister, United Kingdom (1970-74)

Dr. Tor Ragnar Gerholm

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

Sir John Eccles
Nobel Laureate, Physiology

Friedrich von Hayek
Nobel Laureate, Economics

Marko Tarle
Healthcare Consultant, University Hospital, Croatia

Dr. Eva Latham
President, Human Rights Teaching International, The Netherlands

Guus Hiddink
Coach, PSV Eindhoven and Korean National Soccer Team, Peace Cup:

Dr. Ivan Kaltchev

President, Association of Philosophers from South-Eastern Europe, Bulgaria

Dr. Emmanuel D. Bezzina
Leader, Alpha Liberal Democratic Political Party; Chairman, Family Rights’ Association and Family Lawyer, Malta

Dr. Emmanuel Bandouvas
Medical Doctor, Greece

Hon. Jaromír Kohlícek
Member, European Parliament for the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

Dr. Kailash Puri
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London, England

Erno Lazarovits
Director of Foreign Relations, Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary

David A. Hart
University of Derby UK

Bertil Persson
UPF, Sweden

Eva Kanturkova

Chairman, Writers’ Union, Czech Republic

Paul Badham
Professor of Religious Studies, University of Wales, Lampeter, UK

Dr. Juergen Redhardt
Professor Emeritus of Theology, University of Giessen, Germany

Dr. Clinton Bennett
Associate Professor of Ministry, Unification Theological Seminary, USA

Abdul Wahid Pedersen
Imam, General Association of Muslims in Denmark

Dr. A. Abdul Santoe
European Representative, Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha’at-Lahore, The Netherlands

Dr. Raheem Khan
Vice President, British Muslim Society; Consultant Cardiac Surgeon (Retd.), UK

Ryszard Karpowicz
Journalist, Poland

Rev. Lauri Oinonen
Member of Parliament, Finland




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