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Preparatory Committee Meeting

Ambassador for Peace Dr Emmy D. BEZZINA,Chairman - Family Rights` Association - Malta,is here seen giving an impromptu fiery speech about his vision of attaining World Peace. Dr Bezzina is flanked by Mrs Lee Song, Advisor to the European Women`s Federation for World Peace, and wife of the Regional Chairman of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace,as well as by Ambassador Giuseppe Cali` from Italy who is one of the top officials of the IIFWP (Europe).

Dr BEZZINA was invited to contribute his views in a Regional IIFWP Preparatory Committee Meeting on the theme BUILDING the PEACE UN.This was held at Prangins near Geneva - Switzerland during the weekend of the French.

Vote relating to the European Constitution. Dr BEZZINA was one of thirty Ambassadors present at this concentrated meeting chaired by the highest officials of IIFWP - International.It was the seventh out of ten regional meetings planned that will pave the way for an international charter governing the Interreligious and International PEACE COUNCIL [IIPC] which was set up in New York on October 3rd,2003,and relating to which Dr Bezzina is a founder-member.

A World Summit on WORLD PEACE is taking place in Tokyo at the end of June by which time the Charter of the IIPC should be finalized.





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