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Towards a New Religious Model for Global Peace
Letter from Sheikh Professor Shaheed Satardien

Dear Dr.Bezzina,

I hope that you and your family are well. Please accept my heart-felt gratitude for your contribution to the success of our conference.
Please also accept my deepest regret and apologies for being so busy and not even been able to sit down with you for five minutes. When I came to the IIFWP centre the following day to meet you, you have already left Ireland in the morning early.

Please accept these few pictures as a reminder of your valued contribution to a very historical conference in the Irish context.
I am deeply moved by its success yet also very much saddened by the exclusion of some at the head-table, but with patience and resilience we will win the hearts by the grace of the Almighty very soon.

God bless and reward you and your family richly.
I remain thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,
Sheikh Professor Shaheed Satardien

Photos from the event




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