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Ambassador for Peace

L-AVUKAT Dottor Emmanuel D. BEZZINA huwa AMBAXXATUR GHALL-PACI,hatra li nghata mill-Interreligious & International Federation For World Peace (IIFWP). Dina l-hatra nghatatlu fl-2001 fis-sena ddikjarata mill-Gnus Mghaquda bhala "The International Year of Volunteers" .X`inhuwa AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE?

Mill-objettiv tieghu Ambaxxatur Ghall-PACI huwa mfisser hekk:
`Consistent with its mission to establish world peace,the Interreligious and
International Federation for World Peace designates as Ambassador for Peace those individuals whose lives exemplify the ideal of living for the sake of
others,and who dedicate themselves to practices which promote the founding
ideals of the IIFWP:universal moral values,strong family life,interreligious
cooperation,international harmony,renewal of the United Nations, a responsible Public Media,and the establishment of a culture of peace.

Transcending racial,national and religious barriers, the Ambassadors for Peace contribute to the fulfillment of the hope of all ages, a unified world of peace wherein the spiritual and material dimensions of life are harmonized.

In the photo,Ambassador Dr BEZZINA,Chairman - Family Rights`Association,had
just been presented with the CROWN OF PEACE award by the Interrelegious

This award recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves in their commitment and service to the cause of world peace,particularly through
efforts that promote reconciliation among all the people,going beyond barriers of race,religion,nationality,ideology and culture.

The award was presented on October 21,2004,on the occasion of the "European Leadership Convocation`` in Budapest,HUNGARY.

This prestigious award CROWN OF PEACE to DR EMMANUEL BEZZINA,a Maltese
& European Union citizen,lawyer by profession, recognized the lifelong dedication and accomplishments in public service,peace-building and leadership of Dr Bezzina,Chaiurman of Family Rights` Association - MALTA.

Furthermore,the award noted Dr Bezzina`s services with governmental and
non-governmental organisations as a life-time commitment.It equally acknowledged his work as a social activist for justice and as a reconciler among all people regardless of race,religion,nationality or culture.

The CERTIFICATE was signed by Rev.Dr. CHUNG HWAN KWAK,World Chairman, Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace and Interreligious and International Peace Council.

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